Local Placenames

Civil Parish record details , used pre 20th century ...later DED divisions are used in census records

Civil Parish

Civil Parish : Shrule.
County : Mayo
Poor Law Union : Ballinrobe
Barony : Kilmaine
O.S. Maps : Mayo - 121 . 122 . 123
R.C. Parish : Shrule
R.C. Diocese : Galway
R.C. Church : Shrule
Marriage Records : 1831
Baptism records : 1831
Official O.S. townlands
Townland names in this parish officially recognised since Griffiths Valuation
Placenames :: unofficial
Known locations other than official townlands where the geographical location is known.
Placenames whose locations are unknown
(B&M) :: Mentioned in the parish baptism and marriage records but locations unknown.
(PA) :: Places mentioned in The Survey and Distribution book and Petty's Atlas(1641..1703).
(TA) :: Places mentioned in The Tithe Applotment book (1825-35).
Archealogical ,Geographical and Islands.
(A) :: Archealogical features associated with the parish
(G) :: Geographical features in this parish.
(I) :: Islands off shore from this parish.

The Tithe Applotments

Information from the Tithe Applotments circa 1825

Tenants Name Placename Miscellanious Notes
Malachy Fahy Duane
James Phew Stradnagh
Anthony Garvey Stradnagh
Daniel Flynn Stradnagh
Martin Kenny Stradnagh
Edmond Hart Stradnagh
Edmond and Michael Connor Cooldisheen
James Phew Cooldisheen
John Naughton Cooldisheen
Thomas Keville Cooldisheen
Edmond Kearney Cooldisheen
James Biggins Cooldisheen
Widow Sullivan Cooldisheen
Simon Conry Curhinane
James Molloy Curhinane
Patrick Keville Curhinane
Michael Jameson Meeneen Park
Courtney Kenny Cahirard
Martin Kirwan Cahirard Martin Kirwan Esq.
Arthur Browne Ravenhill
Peter Lynch Ballycurran
John Burke Ballycurran
James Molloy Ballynalty
Patrick Flood Ballynalty
James Biggins Ballynalty
Anthony Moghan Ballynalty
Dominick Petty Ballynalty
James Keaghry Ballynalty
Mick Monaghan Ballynalty
James Dodd Ballynalty
William Varilly Ballynalty
Anthony Cane Ballynalty
Martin Burke Ballynalty
Patrick Elwood Ballynalty
Thady Lydon Ballynalty
William McGuff Brackloon
William Donoghue Brackloon
Michael Corbitt Brackloon
Michael Davin Brackloon
Thomas Donoghue Brackloon
James Davin Brackloon
Michael Davin Brackloon
John Davin Brackloon
John Larkin Brackloon
John Flannery Brackloon
Stephen Carty Brackloon
Francis D'Arcy Brodolough
James McGrath Brodolough
John Walsh Brodolough
James Sweeny Brodolough
Peter and Paul Walsh Brodolough
Hugh Connell Brodolough
Patrick Madden Brodolough
Thomas Connell Brodolough
Mathias Cohen Brodolough
Edmond Cane Brodolough
Bart Lydon Brodolough
Martin Geraghty Brodolough
Patrick Laffy Brodolough
Daniel Connell Brodolough
John Naughten Brodolough
Michael Laffy Brodolough
Patrick Madden Brodolough
Patrick Fallon Brodolough
Daniel Brodolough
John Walsh Brodolough
Walter Walsh Brodolough
Thomas Nolan Brodolough
John Connor Botharbee
Arthur Browne Monefollistran
George Petty Monefollistran
Peter Lynch Woodpark
Arthur Browne Burkes Farm
Arthur Browne Gibsys Yard
Michael Rowland Cahernabruck
Thomas Mahon Cahernabruck
John Chrisham Cahernabruck
Michael Duane Cahernabruck
Anthony Cunningham Cahernabruck
Austin Toole Cahernabruck
Patrick Meenaghan Cahernabruck
John Murphy Cahernabruck
Patrick Toole Cahernabruck
Roger Flaherty Cahernabruck
Martin Flaherty Cahernabruck
Stephen O'Brien Cahernabruck
Martin Chrisham Cahernabruck
Austin (jun) Toole Cahernabruck
Stephen Connell Cahernabruck
John Duane Cahernabruck
Martin Cavanaugh Cahernabruck
Patrick Carty Cahernabruck
Thomas Noone Cahernabruck
John Devany Cahernabruck
Redmond Rorke Cahernabruck
Widow Rorke Cahernabruck
James Biggins Cloughmoyne
Michael Flynn Cloughmoyne
Michael Sullivan Cloughmoyne
James Phew Cloughmoyne
James Book Cloughmoyne
Thomas McDermott Cloughmoyne
Thomas Herward Cloughmoyne
James Biggins Cloughmoyne
Patrick Biggins Cloughmoyne
Patrick Scahill Cloughmoyne
Patrick Reepe Cloughmoyne
Edmond Scahill Cloughmoyne
Patrick Capidy Cloughmoyne
John D'Arcy Cloughmoyne
William Blake Cloughmoyne
Pat McTigue Graffey
James Mahon Graffey
Walter Staunton Graffey
Mick Hart Graffey
James Collins Graffey
Patrick Cohen Graffey
William Walsh Cloonbanane N
Patrick Walsh Cloonbanane N
Michael Nolan Cloonbanane N
Martin Cahill Cloonbanane N
Redmond Burke Cloonbanane N
William Walsh Cloonbanane N
Thomas Scahill Cloonbanane N
Peter Dooley Cloonbanane N
John Carroll Cloonbanane S
Thady Gavin Cloonbanane S
Michael Kine Cloonbanane S
Thomas McTigue Cloonbanane M
Thomas Martin Cloonbanane M
Martin Purcell Cloonbanane M
James Dooley Cloonbanane M
Redmond Burke Cloonbanane M
John Martin Balinagh
Patrick Lawliss Balinagh
Mr E. Jameson Cullagh
Martin Kirwan Dalgan
Martin Kirwan Postpark Dalgan
Martin Kirwan O'Boyles Farm Dalgan
Martin Kirwan Parkmno Dalgan
Michael Garvey Glasbally
John Dooley Glasbally
Pat Hardiman Glasbally
John Nelson Glasbally
Peter Sweeny Glasbally
Michael Laffy Glasbally
Thomas Burke Gurtatubber
Patrick Garvey Gurthbrack
Thomas Geraghty Gurthbrack
William Hadican Kinlough
Patrick Corbitt Ahanalacka
James Craddock Ahanalacka
Patrick Farragher Mycolga
David Connell Mycolga
Pat Connell Mycolga
Pat Mahony Mycolga
Owen Mahony Mycolga
Patrick Fallon Mycolga
Daniel Fallon Mycolga
John Naughten Mycolga
Michael Naughten Mycolga
Patrick Connell Mycolga
James Naughten Mycolga
Morgan Mahony Mycolga
Timy Mahony Mycolga
Mick Laffy Mycolga
Patrick Laffy Mycolga
Mick Farragher Mycolga
Patrick Farragher Mycolga
Mark Fallon Mycolga
Owen Leonard Mycolga
Anthony Kenny Mycolga
William Brannick Mocorrow
John Fitzgerald Mocorrow
Anthony Noone Mocorrow
John Higgins Mocorrow
Patrick Murphy Mocorrow
James Noone Tubbersharrow
? Kelly Mount Henry
? Sullivan Mount Henry
William Kelly Mount Henry
Courtney Kenny Kilroe
Charles Blake Kilroe
Thomas Keville Kilroe
John Golding Moyne
Michael Moran Moyne
Patrick Verdan Moyne
Francis Verdan Moyne
William Ryly Moyne
Widow Ryly Moyne
John O'Bryan Bouley
John Gunnane Bouley
Patrick McTigue Bouley
Peter Moghan Bouley
James Phew Bouley
John Garvey Bouley
James Moghan Bouley
Thomas Keville Church Park Moyne Church Park
Anthony Garvey Church Park Moyne
Michael Kine Rostaff
James Biggins Rostaff
Pat Biggins Rostaff
Martin Coen Rostaff
Michael Coen Rostaff
Patrick Haire Rostaff
Patrick Berne Rostaff
John Haire Rostaff
Edmond Biggins Rostaff
Widow Biggins Rostaff
Cormack Higgins Rostaff
Anthony Garvey Rostaff
Pat Bonner Rostaff
Edmond Connor Rostaff
James Phew Rostaff
Patrick Naughtin Rostaff
James Biggins Rostaff
Pat (Thady) Connor Rostaff
William Connor Rostaff
John Spelman Rostaff
John Hogan Rostaff
Pat Sullivan Rostaff
Michael Berne Rostaff
Daniel Berne Rostaff
James Berne Rostaff
John Naughten Rostaff
Mick Quin Rostaff
Martin Kirwan Ramellin
Mats ? Commons Ramellin
Patrick Lynsky Ramellin
Thomas Connor Ramellin
Pat Moran Ramellin
Hugh Connell Ramellin
John Gibsy Tubberkeeran
Pat Mahon Tubberkeeran
Denis Biggins Tubberkeeran
Thomas Mahon Tubberkeeran
Patrick McTigue Red Island
Michael Kelly Red Island
Hugh McGah Ruanalaghter
Charles Kirwan Church Park Shrule
Bryan Sweeny Shrule Shrule plots
Widow Ralph Shrule Shrule plots
Mary Fallon Shrule Shrule plots
Michael Ward Shrule Shrule plots
? D. Sweeny Shrule Shrule plots
Widow Sweeny Shrule Shrule plots
John Curran Shrule Shrule plots
Patrick Curran Shrule Shrule plots
Margaret Fahy Shrule Shrule plots
Edward Berne Shrule Shrule plots
Michael Tethers Shrule Shrule plots
Martin Ralph Shrule Shrule plots
James Berne Shrule Shrule plots
Patrick Kirwan Shrule Shrule plots
Phillip Gallagher Shrule Shrule plots
Martin Jennings Shrule Shrule plots
Richard Golding Shrule Shrule plots
John Knight Shrule Shrule plots
James Garvey Shrule Shrule plots
John Sweeny Shrule Shrule plots
Michael ? Commons Shrule Shrule plots
Garnet Nally Shrule Shrule plots
Andrew Shaughnessy Shrule Shrule plots
Tony McDonagh Shrule Shrule plots
Anne Golding Shrule Shrule plots
James Garvey Shrule Shrule plots
Tim ? Gallagher Shrule Shrule plots
William McEvilly Shrule Shrule plots
Martin Joyce Shrule Shrule plots
James McGrath Shrule Shrule plots
Thomas Fagan Shrule Shrule plots
Widow Smyth Shrule Shrule plots
William Morris Shrule Shrule plots
F French Shrule Shrule plots
? Brady Shrule Shrule plots

Flax Growers of 1796

Information from the flax growers records - 1796

Tenants Name Placename Miscellanious Notes
Francis Beatty Shrule
James Beggin Shrule
John Beggin Shrule
Thomas Beggin Shrule
Michael Burke Shrule
James Darcy Shrule
Patrick Darcy Shrule
Thomas Darcy Shrule
Patrick Dogherty Shrule
Edmond Duaney Shrule
Michael Duaney Shrule
Michael Hart Shrule
William Hart Shrule
Mark Herman Shrule
Edmund Jennings Shrule
John Joyce Shrule
Patrick McTigue Shrule
James Mulloy Shrule
Patrick Sullivan Shrule

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary 1837.

The Shrule entry in Lewis Topographical Dictionary of 1837


Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (1837)

A parish, in the barony of Kilmaine, county of MAYO, and province of Connaught 3 miles (N.) from Headford, on the road from Galway to Westport; containing 4167 inhabitants, of which number, 507 are in the village. This parish is situated on the river Blackwater, which running through the village separates the counties of Mayo and Galway . It comprises 8959 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act.

The land is of good quality, and chiefly under tillage; the system of agriculture is mach improved, and the wheat produced here is considered to be the best is the county: the only waste land is bog, which might be easily reclaimed and converted into good pasture. Limestone of excellent quality is found is abundance, and quarried for agricultural purposes and for building.

The principal seats are

Dalgan Park, the residence of P. Kirwan, Esq., a spacious mansion of hewn limestone, in the Grecian style, with a noble hall supported on lofty Carinthian columns and lighted by a finely proportioned dome;

Riverview, of M: J. Hunt, Esq.

Glen Corrib of A. Brown, Esq ;

Shrule, of R. Golden, Esq.,

Ballycurrin Castle, of P. Lynch, Esq. ;

Houndswood, of M. D'Arcy, Esq.

The village contains 86 houses; .many of which are neatly built, and the salubrity of the climate is such as to render it a desirable residence for invalids.To the rear of Riverview is a hamlet called Gurtloygraph in which are manyinstances of longevity. An extensive brewery is carried on, and there are large corn-mills, the property of R. Golden, Esq. A market for corn is held here every Thursday, which is abundantly supplied and there are fairs on Easter-Monday, July 26th, and Nov 11th. A constabulary police force is stationed in the village and petty sessions are held on alternate Thursdays.

The living is a vicarage, in the diocese of Tuam and is the patronage of the Archbishop ; the rectory forms part of the union or wardenship of Galway. The tithes amount to 284. 2. 8., of which 183. 17. 5. is payable to the Warden of Galway, and the remainder to. the vicar.

In the R. C. divisions the parish is in the diocese of Galway, and is co-extensive with that of the Established Church : the chapel is a neat edifice in the ancient English style, with a square tower, towards the erection of which 1300. was contributed by Mr. Kirwan, of Dalgan Park, who also gave the ground.: it has a handsome marble altar-piece, presented by T. Martin, Esq. About five miles from ShruIe is a Franciscan convent, endowed by the Lynch family with 30 acres of land, to which is attached a chapel. There are three private schools, is which are about 100 children. Some interesting remains of the old castle and of the ancient abbey of Shrule are still in existence. In the demesne of Ballycurrin are the remains of the castle of that name, in good preservation ; the floors are still perfect, and it might easily be rendered habitable; from the summit are extensive views of Lough Corrib, Connemara, and the surrounding country.

References to Ballisnahiny and Glencorrib are in the entry for Kilmainemore parish - M.Ryan

Field Name books from 1840's

Field Name Book description from 1838/1839 noted by the surveyors who produced the O.S maps originally.



Shruil Ph.

B.S.S.M. : 1
Sruthair, a stream. -- Four Masters.
Corrupted in Sruthail by the substitution of L for R a quite common substitution in the case of Irish place names.
  • Shrule : J. 0'D,
  • Shruel : Co. Cess Collector
  • Shruel : Barony Map
  • Shruil : County Map
  • Shroule : Down Survey Maps
  • Shroll : Inq. temp. Eliz

This parish occupies most of the southern portion of the barony of Kilmaine. It is bounded on the N. by the parishes of. Kilmainebeg, Moorgagagh and Kilmainemore; on the S. and E, by the County Galway, from which it is separated by the Black River; and on the E. by Lough Corrib and the parish of Cong.
It contains 11,600 acres 2 roods 32 perches, statute measure, which includes 151 a. 1r. 32p. of a detached portion, 738a. 3r. 20p. of Lough Corrib, and 143a. 3r. 20p. of small loughs. The soil is in parts very good, produce excellent crops of wheat, oats, potatoes, etc.; but in many parts it is light and very rocky, with much rough pasture and bog. The road from Ballinrobe through Cross to Headford passes across this parish from W. to S.E.
The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Tuam. The Tithes amount to ?264 2s. 8d.
A small detached portion of the parish of Kilmainebeg lies in the centre of this parish, and comprises the townlands of Ballisnahyny East and Carrowoughteragh.

More notes on Shrule Parish

This parish takes its name from the river. which flows under the bridge and separates the counties of Galway and Mayo there.
There is in this barony (Kilmaine) upon the extreme boundary thereof an ancient fair castle and Manor of Shrowle, now since the beginning of King James's reign belonging to the Earl of Clanrickarde, but till then, since the English Invasion, to another family of great note, called Burke of Shrowle and,of late years, of Cloghan, who is said to be the eldest of the Burkes of Mayo - Downey.
In 1570 Shrule Castle was besieged by the forces of the Crown, between whom and a relieving force a fierce battle was fought. The tradition of this battle is still vivid among the country-people, and has led to a false origin fabricated by them for the name Shrule. They say is signifies Sruth-Fhuil, the stream of blood, from the river of blood, that flows by the castle walls from the numbers slain in the engagement.
The building of Shrule Castle, as of its Church, is attributed to the Burkes.

Other Castles

In Kinlough are an old castle and church, also said to have been built by the Burkes. Ballisnahyny and Ballycurran are square castle; they, too, are attributed to the Burkes.

Miscellaneous Features Section

Gentlemen's Seats

  • Ballycurrin House
  • Dalgan House
  • Glencorrib Lodge
  • Lakefield
  • Moyne Lodge


  • Ballycurrin Rock
  • Cornelian Islands
  • Inchaquin
  • Inishkeeragh
  • Red Island
  • Shanina

Rivers, Lakes and Wells

  • Black River
  • Lough Lee
  • Loughnakill
  • Pollaghkeeraun
  • Toberkieraun
  • Tobersharve
  • Well of Lough Lea


  • Shrule


  • Cloghgortalegaun
  • Kinlough Fort
  • Ballisnahyny Castle
  • Ballycurrin Castle
  • Mocorha Castle
  • Moyne Castle
  • Shrule Castle
  • Moyne Church and Graveyard

Miscellaneous Features

Gentlemen's Seats

Ballycurrin House

See Section 2 ,29
Situated in the south side of Ballycurrin td. The seat of Captain Lynch.

Dalgan House

See Section 16.,30
In the east side of Dalgan Demesne. The residence of Patrick Kirwan, Esq. This is a large mansion of hewn limestone. Its principal feature is its spacious pillared hall surmounted by a dome. Attached to the residence is a large, well-timbered demesne.

Glencorrib Lodge

See Section 16.,31
A fancy name. : J. O'D
In the west side of Bunnafollistran td. The seat of Arthur Browne, Esq.


See Section 16.,32
In the N.E. side of Ramolin td. The residence of Mr.. Foy.

Moyne Lodge.

See section 23. ,33
Situated in the east side of Moyne td. The seat of Mr. John Golding.


Ballycurrin Rock

In Lough Corrib. Contains 0a. 1r. 26p.

Cornelian Islands

These are 3 islands in Lough Corrib.
The largest island contains 2a. 2r. 3p.
The smallest contains Oa. Or. 39p.
The medium-sized island contains Oa. 1r. 16p.


Inse Ui Chuinn , 0'Quin's island.
Inchaquin : J.. 0' D
An island in Lough Corrib.


Inis Caorach, island of the sheep. In Lough Corrib. Contains Oa. 1r. 13p.

Red Island

A large island in Lough Corrib. Contains 6a. 2.r. 39p.


In Lough Corrib small island containing Oa. Or. 35p.

Rivers Lakes and Well's

Black River

  • Local 40 : Abhainn Dubh, black river.
  • Owenduff : J. 0'D
  • Owen-Duff -river : Co. Map

This river runs by the east and south sides of the parish, forming the County, Barony, Parish and Townland boundaries. It falls into Lough Corrib.

Lough Lee

B, S. S, 41
Loch Laoigh, the lake of the calf.
  • Lough Lee : J. O' D,
  • Loughanlee : Inq. temp. Jac.

The lake is situated on the north boundary of the parish, and is common to the townlands of Ramolin and. Dalgan.

Lough Kill

Local 42
Loch na Cille the lake of the church.
  • Loughnakill : J. 0'D

Situated on the north boundary, partly in this parish and partly in Moorgagagh parish. This lake is almost dry in the summer season.


Local 43 : There is a Pollach Riabhach also.
Pollach Ciarain , St. Kieran's hole.
  • Pollaghkeeraun : J. 0'D

In the east side of the td. of Mocorha. spring well.

Tober Keraun

Local 44
Tobar Ciaráin , St. Kieran's well
  • Toberkieraun : J. 0' D,

Spring well.


CO. Map 45
Tobar Searbh , bitter well.
  • Tobersharve : J. 0'D
  • Tobernaveeragh : Local

In the north side of the td., and adjacent to the parish boundary. spring well in Shrule td.

The Well of Lough Lee

See Section 41 ,Local 46
Tobar Locha Laoigh , well of the calf's lake.
    Well of Lough Lee : J. O'D

In the N.W. side of the townland. of Dalgan Demesne, and adjacent to Lough Lee. This is a spring well, considered sacred.



Co. Map 47
See Section 27 and the remarks therein.
  • Shrule : J. 0' D
  • Shroule : Down Survey
  • William Burke of Shruell : Compossicion Book of Conought

In the south side of Shrule td.



Local 48

Gort a' Liagáin ,field of the standing-stone.

  • Clogh Gorta legaun : J.O'D

In the north side of Mocorha td. This is a Liagan, or Standing-stone, about five feet above the surface of the ground

Kinlough Fort

Local 49
  • Kinlough Fort : J. 0'D

See townland name Section 20 : On the boundary common to the townlands of Kinlough and Brodullagh South. This is a very large fort, having a diameter of about 8 1/2 chains

Ballisnhiney Castle , Ruins of

See Section 4. : Co. Map 50
  • Ballisnahyny Castle : J. 0'D,

In the east centre of the td. of Ballisnahyny East, on the north end of the site of a fort by the side of a lane. A massive tower, 32 feet by 42 feet at the base of the batter. The walls are still over 40 feet high.

Ballycurran Castle

Co. Map 51
  • Ballycurrin Castle , the Ruins of : J. 0' D,

See Section 2. Situated in the south side of Ballycurrin td.

Mocorha Castle

J. O'D. 52

See Section 24
In the central part of R Mocorha td. In ruins.

Moyne Castle, Ruins of

J. 0'D : Co. Map 53

See Section 23.
Situated in the east side of the townland of Moyne, near, the parish mearing.

Shrule Castle

54, See Section 27.

The ruins of what was once a very formidable stronghold. It consists of. a massive tower, some 50 feet high.

Moyne, Old Church and Graveyard

Local 55

Situated in the N.W. side of the townland of Moyne.

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