Local Placenames

Civil Parish record details , used pre 20th century ...later DED divisions are used in census records

Civil Parish

Civil Parish : Kilmainemore.
County : Mayo
Poor Law Union : Ballinrobe
Barony : Kilmaine
O.S. Maps : Mayo - 118 . 119 . 121 . 122
R.C. Parish : Kilmaine
R.C. Diocese : Tuam
R.C. Church : Kilmaine
Marriage Records : 1854
Baptism records : 1854
Placenames whose locations are unknown
(B&M) :: Mentioned in the parish baptism and marriage records but locations unknown.
(PA) :: Places mentioned in The Survey and Distribution book and Petty's Atlas(1641..1703).
(TA) :: Places mentioned in The Tithe Applotment book (1825-35).
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  • None yet (PA)
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Archealogical ,Geographical and Islands.
(A) :: Archealogical features associated with the parish
(G) :: Geographical features in this parish.
(I) :: Islands off shore from this parish.

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The Tithe Applotments

Information from the Tithe Applotments circa 1825

Tenants Name Placename Miscellanious Notes
Michael Handsbrow Carraugh
Laurence Connor Carraugh
John Reily Carraugh
William Godwin Cloonmidge
Pat Costello Cloonmidge
Robert Fair Caheraream Robert Fair Lavally
? McGrath Crasslop ?
Charles Bowen Carhens and Rathranagher Charles Bowen Esq.
William Moghan Leehanue
Thomas McHugh Ballyna
Martin McHugh Ballyna
Pat Nalty Ballynalty
M Lowe Ballynalty
Pat Kelly Ballycushin
William Connoly Ballycushin
Pat McTigue Ballycushin
Thomas Walsh Gurtnagur
John Golding Ballyhennery
Thomas Fair Ballyjennings
Robert Fair Ballyjennings
Theobald Butler Ballymartin
Peter Hyland Ballynacarragh
Thomas Hyland Ballynacarragh
Arthur Browne Blessingtown (Brown) Arthur Browne Esq.
Thomas Loftus Blessingtown (Brown)
Michael Guhan Blessingtown (Brown)
Thomas Loftus Blessingtown (Knox)
? Meenahan Blessingtown (Knox)
? Conry Blessingtown (Knox)
Patrick Kirwan Brackloon Patrick Kirwan Esq.
Patrick Kirwan Derreen Patrick Kirwan Esq.
Patrick Kirwan Browns Island Patrick Kirwan Esq.
John Burke Bunacrower
Robert Fair Caher
Pat Kirwan Carramore Pat Kirwan Esq.
James Flannelly Carramore
Michael Fitzgerald Carramore
Pat Jennings Carramore
John McDermott Cortoon
Pat Hyland Cortoon
William Curry Cortoon
William Lynsky Cloghanmore
Thomas Hughes Cloonconnellane
Richard Hughes Cloonconnellane
Theobald Butler Cloonconnellane
Sam Lindsey Bucknell Cloonconnellane Sam Lindsey Bucknell Esq.
John Fair Cloonconnellane John Fair Esq.
John Higgins Cloongavnagh
Martin Hughes Cloongavnagh
Michael Kenny Clyard
Thos Laffy Clyard
Thomas Rogers Greyfield
Michael Higgins Cooleen
Thomas Lewis Cooleen Thomas Lewis Esq.
John Grimes Coolisduff
Richard Grimes Coolisduff
John Fair Creeveriddaun John Fair Esq.
Thomas Hughes Cregduff
? Mahon Cregduff
? Tighe Cregduff
Robert Fair Creggmore
Walter Conway Creggmore (Lynch)
? McGrath Creggmore (Lynch)
John Fair Dooroy John Fair Esq. And tenants
Robert Fair Ellistron Beg
Robert Fair Ellistron Brown
Thomas Spenser Lindsey Frenchbrook Thomas Spencer Lindsey Esq.
John Fair Gurtnastang John Fair Esq.
Robert Fair Kilternane
John Fair Kilmaine Parks John Fair Esq.
Thomas Burke Kilmaine Parks
Robert Fair Kilquire
John Fair Knockalohane John Fair Esq.
Thomas Lewis Knockrow Thomas Lewis Esq.
Robert Fair Lissduff Robert Fair Lavally
Arthur Browne Loughanbuee Arthur Browne Esq.
Croasdaile Browne Miller Milford Croasdaile Browne Miller Esq.
Owen Ralph Meelish
John McHugh Meelish
William Burke Meelish
? Walsh Meelish
John Quinn Myles Estate
Thomas Spenser Lindsey Rathgranagher Thomas Spencer Lindsey Esq.
Charles Henry Cromie Rathgranagher Charles Henry Cromie Esq.
Thomas Burke Rasekeera
John Fair Tawnagh Tawnagh and Kilmain plots
Thomas Walsh Tawnagh
Michael Costello Tawnagh
? Feanaghly ? Tawnagh
Robert Fair Thomastown
Arthur Browne Thomastown Gatepark Arthur Browne Esq.
John McNamara Tullyduff
Sam Lindsey Bucknell Turin Sam Lindsey Bucknell Esq.
Sam Lindsey Bucknell Turloughanduff Sam Lindsey Bucknell Esq.

Flax Growers of 1796

Information from the flax growers records - 1796

Tenants Name Placename Miscellanious Notes
James Bird Kilmainemore
Patrick Bird Kilmainemore
John Carty Kilmainemore
Patrick Carty Kilmainemore
James Case Kilmainemore
Patrick Casey Kilmainemore
John Cassidy Kilmainemore
Patrick Donnellan Kilmainemore
James Duddy Kilmainemore
James Duffy Kilmainemore
John Faragh Kilmainemore
Patrick Feeny Kilmainemore
Denis Flanelly Kilmainemore
James Flanigan Kilmainemore
John Ford Kilmainemore
William Gibbons Kilmainemore
Michael Gill Kilmainemore
Garret Greavy Kilmainemore
Edmond Herighty Kilmainemore
Thady Herighty Kilmainemore
James Hession Kilmainemore
Patrick Jennings Kilmainemore
Patrick Joyce Kilmainemore
Michael Kelly Kilmainemore
Peter Laffy Kilmainemore
John Lally Kilmainemore
Daniel Mealy Kilmainemore
Edmond Mealy Kilmainemore
Partick Mulroney Kilmainemore
Peter Mulroney Kilmainemore
Edmond Mulroney Kilmainemore
John Murane Kilmainemore
John Nalty Kilmainemore
Thomas Neal Kilmainemore
Redmond Rowane Kilmainemore
Peter Rutledge Kilmainemore
Matthew Shaughnessy Kilmainemore
John Tearny Kilmainemore
Patrick Tigue Kilmainemore
John Tonney Kilmainemore
Edmond Walsh Kilmainemore
James Walsh Kilmainemore
John Walsh Kilmainemore
Patrick Walsh Kilmainemore

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary 1837.

The Kilmainemore entry in Lewis Topographical Dictionary of 1837


KILMAINMORE, a parish, in the barony of KILMAINE, county of MAYO, and province Of CONNAUGHT, 3 1/2 miles (S. E.) from Ballinrobe, on the road from Galway to Westport ; containing 4176 inhabitants. It comprises 8087 statute acres, principally in pasture, and has excellent sheep pastures at Ellistron. Fine limestone is quarried, and at the eastern extremity there is a considerable quantity of reclaimable bog, but fuel is scarce. Petty sessions are held every Wednesday at the village, which is a constabulary police station, and has a penny post to Hollymount. Fairs are held on July 12th and Oct 28th and are well supplied with cattle and sheep.

The principal seats are

  • Glencorrib, the residence of A. Browne, Esq.;
  • Milford, of C. B. Miller, Esq.;
  • Turin Castle, of S. L. Bucknall, Esq.;
  • Clagbans, of T. Lewen, Esq.;
  • Fortvilie, of T. Fair, Esq., and
  • Ratbgraher, of C. H. Cromie, Esq.

It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Tuam, episcopally united to the rectory and vicarage of Moorgaga, and part of the rectory and vicarage of Kilmainbeg, and is in the patronage of the Archbishop, as is also the rectory, which forms the corps of the prebend of Kilmainmore in the cathedral of Tuam, and is held with the vicarial union. The tithes of this parish amount to £399. 18. 101., and of the union, to 4582. 9. 04. There is a glebe-house, with a glebe of eight acres. The church is a plain neat building, to which a tower was added about 20 years since by the Rev. F. Rutledge. In the R.C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, which is co-extensive with that of the Established Church: the chapel is a splendid building, lately erected by the Rev. J. Browne, a little to the west of Kilmain, on the road to the village of Neale.

The parochial school is aided by annual donations of £5 from the rector and £6 from the curate, who has also given two acres of land, and Mr. Flanagan a house rent-free; a school is partly supported by the parish priest, in which about 160 children are educated, and there are two private schools, in which are about 70 children. In the centre of the village are the ruins of an ancient religious house, with a large burial-ground attached ; and there are ruins of ancient castles at Turin, Ellistron, Ballisnahiney, Cragduff, and Killernan.

A spring rising in the village soon disappears and takes a subterraneous course for about a mile; in the winter it forms a turlough. This place gives the title of Baron to Lord Kilmaine.