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Civil Parish

Civil Parish : Kilmainebeg.
County : Mayo
Poor Law Union : Ballinrobe
Barony : Kilmaine
O.S. Maps : Mayo - 121 . 122 . 123
R.C. Parish : Kilmaine
R.C. Diocese : Tuam
R.C. Church : Gortjordan
Marriage Records : 1855
Baptism records : 1854
Official O.S. townlands
Townland names in this parish officially recognised since Griffiths Valuation
Placenames whose locations are unknown
(B&M) :: Mentioned in the parish baptism and marriage records but locations unknown.
(PA) :: Places mentioned in The Survey and Distribution book and Petty's Atlas(1641..1703).
(TA) :: Places mentioned in The Tithe Applotment book (1825-35).
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Archealogical ,Geographical and Islands.
(A) :: Archealogical features associated with the parish
(G) :: Geographical features in this parish.
(I) :: Islands off shore from this parish.

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The Tithe Applotments

Information from the Tithe Applotments circa 1825

Tenants Name Placename Miscellanious Notes
James Foy Cortoon
Thomas Brannick Cortoon
John Nolan Ardvarney John Nolan Esq
John Golding Ballyhenry
William Godwin Ballyhenry
John Golding Ballyhenry
William Godwin Ballyhenry
Theobald Jennings Carrownturly Theobald Jennings Esq.
Pat Nalty Carrownturly
Peter Quin Carrownturly
? Biggins Carrownturly
? Sheridan Carrownturly
John Craddock Hundred Acres
Thomas Hennelly Ardmoran
Pat Millot Ballybackagh
Thady Murphy Ballybackagh
Walter Cady Cornacarton
Anthony Minahan Cornacarton
Thomas Ganiard Cornacarton
John Heneghan Crigganeanaugh
Thomas Nally Carrabane
William Hynes Carrabane
John Burke Islandmore
William Lee Kilkeeraun
David Royan Kilkeeraun
Robert Fair Kilkeeraun
Pat Hussy Kilkeeraun
? Lynsky Kilkeeraun
Robert Ganiard Kilmacduagh
Peter Ganiard Kilmacduagh
? Naughten Kilmacduagh
? Monaghan Kilmacduagh
Edmund Murphy Kilmacduagh
Anthony Feeny Kilmacduagh
Thady Noone Kilmacduagh
Thady Murphy Kilmacduagh
Peter Hyland Knocknageeha
Thomas Burke Knocknageeha
? Phillips Knocknageeha
Andrew McGah Knocknageeha
James Spelman Knocknageeha
John Rahalan Knocknageeha
Pat McDermott Knocknageeha
Robert Ganiard Knocknageeha
Peter Reilly Knocknageeha
William Rutledge Knocknageeha
Thomas Murphy Knocknageeha
Michael Naughten Knocknageeha
Theobald Jennings Fountainhill Theobald Jennings Esq.
Thomas Lynsky Knockrow
William Royan Knockrow
? Naughten Knockrow
Walter Cady Poul
Pat Sullivan Poul
? Mullin Poul
James Lyons Poul
Peter Murphy Poul
Edward Murphy Poul
Pat Henely Poul
Courtney Kenny Ballisnahiny Courtney Kenny Esq
Charles Blake Carranoughter Charles Blake Esq.

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary 1837.

The Kilmainebeg entry in Lewis Topographical Dictionary of 1837


Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (1837)

A parish, in the barony of KILMAIN, County of MAYO, and province Of CONNAUGHT, 5 miles (S. E.) from Ballinrobe, on the confines of the county of Galway, containing 1343 inhabitants. It comprises 3151 statute acres, which are principally under tillage, and includes Fountain Hill, the residence of Theobald Jenings, Esq.

It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Tuam, forming part of the union of Kilmainmore ;the rectory is partly appropriate to the prebend of Killabeggs, and partly to the vicarage. The tithes amount to £ 13 7 . 15. 5., of which £ 10. 0. 2 1/2. is payable to the prebendary, and £127. 15. 2 1/2 . to the vicar.

In the R. C. divisions it forms part of the union or district of Kilmain. There is a private school, in which about 50 children are educated.

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