World Day for Grandparents & Elderly July 24th, 2022

Last year, Pope Francis inaugurated the first ‘World Day for Grandparent & the Elderly’ to draw attention to the role and contribution grandparents and the elderly make to society, community and family. This year the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly will be on 24th July, 2022.

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This year, the parish want to launch a ‘Book of Remembrance’ where parishioners are invited to complete a simple form for each person they want to have included in the Book of Remembrance. The person may be a grandparent and/or elderly friend or neighbour who has passed away. The intention is the names will be written into a ‘Book of Remembrance’ will be remembered at every World Day for Grandparents & the Elderly from then on. Forms are available after Mass and throughout the coming weeks in church porches. If you wish to remember a grandparent or elderly family member, neighbour or friends, simply complete the form below that are available in parish churches.

Note for Facebook & Parish Website Regardng Book of Rememberance for Grandparents & Elderly

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