The Glencorrib story in pictures

After meetings were held in Glencorrib, the follow needs emerged:

1.     Glencorrib National School

2.    Church car park in Glencorrib

3.     Widening of Service Road

Work in progress – Glencorrib , Curates House

When the trees were removed along the service road; piers from Glencorrib House revealed an old entrance; these piers were moved to the front entrance of Glencorrib church



In response to the first issue, the plan was to renovate the curate’s house so it could be used as a ‘breakfast & homework club’. Empty for over 10 years with no electricity or running water meant the house require work.







The aim was to renovate the house so it could be used as ‘breakfast & homework club’ and for other possible uses. The pictures show the new extended back yard which provide a safe play area for children.



These pictures how the new wall defining the boundary between the church & the house as well as the new entrance for the house.

The new timber fence at the side of the house to enclose the back yard.

This was the old one lane service road. Following a request by the GAA if it would be possible to widen the road to improve access to the community field; this was incorporated into the development

In order for the service road to be widened, and build the car park, it was unfortunately necessary to remove these trees. They were nearing maturity which mean they would soon need to be felled so the decision was taken to remove them at this time.

What Glencorrib Looks Like Now