St Joseph, Shrule


Vigil 8:00pm, 11:00am

Monday  9:30am

Tuesday  9:30am

Wednesday  9:30am

Thursday  9:30am

Friday  8:00pm


St.Joseph’s Church , Shrule

Originally a protestant church ,  this church was transferred to the Catholic faith by Mrs Mary Kirwan of Dalgan Park , in 1829 . At her request on coming of age and converting to the Catholic religion .

The church underwent major renovations by Fr. Henry Feeney in 1938-9 . Reroofing , a new extension and removal of the old square tower . The construction was carried out by local families , each sharing in the completion of the labour.

St.Joseph’s Church  is currently being renovated in 2019-20 by Fr. Vivian Loughrey .