Marriage Papers

Where do I go to fill out my papers?
Arrange an appointment with the local priest of the Parish where you are currently living


When should I have the papers filled out?
Normally papers are filled out within six months of the date of Marriage.


The meeting provides an opportunity for the priest & couple to go over what is necessary for marriage. Many can feel nervous about the meeting but, the paperwork is straight forward.


Pre-nuptial Form: This form is completed with the priest; it has several questions which the priest will go over with couple.


Discussion regarding Church Ceremony: The focus here will be readings & music


Information required If possible, but not essential for the meeting:

·                     Recent Baptism Certificate (Not a Birth Certificate).

·                     Confirmation Certificate

·                     Letter of Freedom or Affidavit

·                     Pre-Marriage Course Certificate

·                     The address of the Church where you are being married if it outside the Parish.

·                     The name of the priest who will be performing the ceremony.


The priest will be available to help & guide you in acquiring the necessary information.



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